Proper Care and Storage of Your Silver

Silver Tea Service

Fine sterling silver and silverplate is often a prized possession in many households. For others though, the thought of upkeep and maintenance prevents them from owning silver altogether. In truth, as long as a few simple rules are followed, owning silver can be a pleasure rather than a burden. It takes only a little tender loving care to keep silver looking beautiful year after year. Items to keep on hand for caring for your fine silver: A very soft polishing cloth to use with your silver polish. A quality silver polish. We recommend Hagerty or Town Talk Silver Care Products. Mild dishwashing liquid that does not contain lemon as lemon tarnishes silver. A flatware chest, wraps or caddy for storing your silver preferably with tarnish … Continue reading

The Vintage Grape Pattern

Vintage Pattern

Over 100 different pieces were available in the Vintage pattern, one of the most extensive silver plated lines ever produced. The Vintage pattern was made by the Meriden Britannia Company, a division of the International Silver Co. and sold under the 1847 Rogers trademark. It was designed by International’s staff designer Samuel Stohr and quickly became one of the most popular silver plated patterns ever produced. [Read More at] … Continue reading

Collecting Silverplate


This is the first of a series of articles where I’ll talk about different aspects of the art of collecting fine silverplated flatware…the collectibility, the beauty, the quality, the sentimentality, and many of its uses. Not only will we discuss the silverware, but also delve into the care, different storage solutions, as well as talk about other types of silverplated collectibles for the tabletop, both antique and current. The Grosvenor Pattern by Community – 1921 This is a field that has been dear to me for more than 30 years. In order to understand what has been my passion, I would first enjoy sharing with you, my readers, who I am and to learn a little about me and how … Continue reading